Lebanese Government spying, and hallucination!

Just before narrating the story, it is been around one year at least, since his lawyer in Lebanon deposited a complaint about the issue. It was deposited before the prosecutor in Tripoli, the prosecutor forwarded the case to ISF, where someone by the name el haj was responsible for investigating, and he is actually part of the cover up, because he claimed, that the people who were following him, were using very high-end technology, so he was not able to capture them.

Started in the Lebanese university, multiple reasons exist. First of all, trying to sabotage his work, second, he was narrating in a story form, what was happening in the Lebanese university, it was not liked, he was the top of his class in three universities, so multiple reasons led to this spying.

Some examples of his writings, about what was happening in the Lebanese university, is found at the end of this story.

Spying was done by two branches of Lebanese security forces, the first one is the ISF as led by Imad Osman, the second one is the Lebanese general security as led by Abbas ibrahim. Additional to spying, these two security branches tried to forge false accusations towards Mohamad Wael el kurdi on multiple times.

The first time, that this happened, they actually forged an accusation, that he made a forged check, and an investigator from Saraya Tripoli, showed at his house, asking him that he needs to go to Saida, because they are requesting his presence because of a forged check that he made.

He contacted a cousin of his, who worked in the ISF, in order to understand what was happening, and his cousin who worked in the ISF, asked around, and later on, confirmed that the person who showed at his house, was actually from the Saraya and an investigator, and that they were asking for him to show up, for an investigation for a frauded check.

The aim of forging this accused forgery, was among others, intimidation. Theses security forces, later on tried to cover it, as being someone who had similar name did it. But this was all lying.

This being said, surveillance started at the Lebanese university. And he was followed around, but it was not yet aimed toward making him go crazy, so it was a hidden surveillance. One indication, about this surveillance happening, is that, while he was in the El tal police station, to get a certificate, which would enable him to work as a teacher, somebody in the police station, but it was not clear whom, made it as a comment, that he should stop narrating the story that he was writing.

Later on, he was not really interested in continuing his work in Lebanese university, but he actually wanted to concentrate on his work as a computer scientist, so he actually just quit his work at the Lebanese university, but these two Lebanese security forces continued their surveillance. At this stage, he actually had a website, and he was actually making progress in his work, so they actually tried to sabotage him.

Surveillance which was till that point secretive, was made public, because they wanted to make him crazy, hallucinate, and unable to work. Going public also meant trying to cover their track, and what better way, then to put it under a third party? Tawhid is a group which has a center just below his house, so two of them, one actually named abou baker, were used as being, the party who was going to do this task, and the cover up is that they were doing in an unlawful manner, so no security forces were involved.

Hallucination was done by using loud speakers, and other voice techniques. The bugging of his car, now went public, so some people actually kept on talking, in order to make him unable to concentrate. The tawhid guys, when he was back home, they publicly announced, what he was doing all day long. They also tried to insinuate, that his neighbors were surveilling him, that his neighbors did not like him, that his neighbors knew what he was doing. So, the idea, among others, is to try to intimidate him, make him paranoid, unable to make conscious decisions, be shy, unable to work.

Surveillance of his computer went public also, so what he was working on, was publicly announced in the street, so they will just say that he was working on a search engine, or some decentralized database. Other techniques were also used.

For example, on one day, when he went to the Lebanese university, just to make his resignation final, they used hallucination techniques at the Lebanese university, which is just some voices mocking him, when he met with the director, and there was another teacher present, no hallucination techniques were used, but when he went back home, they tried to play with his mind, by saying publicly, that the director offered him not to work, and stay at his job.

Another example of being under surveillance, and being followed up, is that if for example he goes to buy certain stuff, they will state it publicly on their loud speakers, or that his neighbors detailing that he went to the bathroom, or received a message from a friend, and just say what this message contained.

So, this in a sense to demonstrate the kind of hallucination and intimidation techniques, and surveillance they were trying to do.

In response to that, he called the police two times, the police did not even do anything, despite this being done in a public place, he talked to a lawyer about this, and he urged him to make public charges, but the lawyer did not do anything. He talked to another lawyer also, about this issue, but that lawyer actually asked him to make charges by himself.

At that stage, as being stated, they were actually surveilling his work, and they did try to block some of his servers, from being able to be accessed from Lebanon.

What happened after, is that they also tried to incriminate him, about having some relationships with Israel, so somebody did call him, and posed as some sort of security agent or whatever, and he spurted something about Israel. Later on, abou baker also started spurting things about Israel.

Other tricks of the mind that they tried pulling off, is that they posed as the sister of Dubai governor or something, and that she wanted to provide him with a grant, and Abou baker publicly in the street, tried to play this one, as yeh he deserves this grant, especially for donating some money in Dubai when he went back to Lebanon from Sri Lanka, and similar stuff.

Examples of his writings, about what was happening in the Lebanese university: