What is a character ?

Nowadays, what is accepted, is that a character has a code point, an encoding, and that it belongs, to a character set.

A character-set, can specify both the code points, and the encoding, or it can just specify, the code points. For example , the unicode character set, which is capable of representing all the characters in the world, by assigning to each a code point, specifies multiple encoding schemes, such as, utf-8, utf-16, and utf-32.

To give a concrete example, the character 0 in unicode, has a code point of U+0069, as for its encoding , it depends on…

In some languages other than swift, a variable or a constant, can or cannot have a value. So a variable or a constant, can be null, if no value was assigned to them, or if set to null.

What the swift programming language did, is to turn the table. …

In this case , the rendering issues were caused, by having pcre2 @10.37_0 installed, so by just reverting to an earlier version, pcre2 @10.36_0, this solved the problem.

To show how this can be done on macOS, while using macports :

$ cd ~
$ git clone --single-branch https://github.com/macports/macports-ports.git
$ cd macports-ports
$ git checkout ed3c3a78664c989d2d06848e0d369b006af6a964
$ cd devel/pcre
$ sudo port install subport=pcre2

Once the installation done, do not forget to remove any Dokuwiki cache,

$ rm -r /var/www/site/data/cache/*

and this should solve rendering problems caused by having pcre2 @10.37_0 installed.

Many object oriented programming languages, have a class, from which all other classes extends.

In general, a class has a set of methods, and variables, which it defines. The variables being the data, and the methods, being the operations, that can be performed over the data.

Data and methods, can belong to the class itself, so they are applied on the class level, or they can belong, to what is called, an instance of the class.

A class can have multiple instances created from it, each having its own data values, and each capable of using the methods, that the…

- so certbot!? Eh! what is that really ? is it some kind of certification bot?
- well, hmm, how to put it ? hmm, do you have? do you have some sort of local development server ?
- as in installing nginx, WordPress, MySQL, flask … as shown in this article?
- exactly! And it is as simple, as wanting to have ssl locally, maybe as a requirement, or to test something …
- hey! but can’t we use certbot, on a production server as well?
- excellent.
- so how shall we proceed?
- well, certbot can be installed, by using an installer, provided by…

Just before narrating the story, it is been around one year at least, since his lawyer in Lebanon deposited a complaint about the issue. It was deposited before the prosecutor in Tripoli, the prosecutor forwarded the case to ISF, where someone by the name el haj was responsible for investigating, and he is actually part of the cover up, because he claimed, that the people who were following him, were using very high-end technology, so he was not able to capture them.

Started in the Lebanese university, multiple reasons exist. First of all, trying to sabotage his work, second, he…

Among other things, the aim of writing this tic tac toe game, is showing what a computer is really about, which is just a machine which follow instructions. Instructions which are written by a human.

So, in other words, a computer is devoid from intelligence, or of a know-how. It can only follow instructions, which are written by a human being.

For the tic tac toe game, the programmer did some analysis of how the game is played, when a win is possible, when a tie is possible, and when losing is a possibility. …

Ohhhhh, you know, I have heard about this onMeasure method, but I have no idea how it works! Hopefully the folks at android, did provide some solid documentation. Wink, Wink Android :)

hmmm, let us first ask, what is onMeasure? onMeasure is a method, which is part of a View lifecycle, and in this method, a View is given the chance, of informing its parent, about its width and its height requirements, and the parent is given the chance, to inform the View back, about the parenting requirements for this View, with regards to width and height.

So, what you…

Having the ability to search the content of files is important, it provides a better workflow, and more productivity.

This is a rundown of the best software, which allows files content to be searched, as in for example, searching for the occurrence of a phrase, or of a word, in let us say a PDF or an EPUB file.


This is a free software which is based on Apache Lucene. Apache Lucene is used for document indexing. Regain is not limited for searching file contents, but it can additionally index websites. …

A disassembler is a program which is able to generate assembly code from binary code, and a decompiler is a program, which is capable of generating high level language, as for example C, or C++, from assembly code.

This is a list of the best disassemblers, and decompilers under Microsoft windows.


The program is very simple, and is easy to use. It is actually open source, and can be used without any installation, so as a portable program.

The binary formats supported by Snowman, are PE, which is Microsoft executable binary format, ELF which is the Linux executable binary format…

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